The footwear is based on high quality uppers which can be used in all seasons with odour-less and non fading colours.The main upper material is made from good quality pvc rexines and pu rexines.Other materials such as eva laminated texiles , eva ,nylon tapes ,are also widely used to manufacture uppers.

chrome coated and nickle coated fitting are also used in heavy quantity to decorate the uppers.Fitting of silicon rubbers are also used in some types of uppers such as kitos.Mainly three types of adhesives are used in making uppers such as rubber solutions, latex and neoprene(dendrite).The uppers are stitched all along the edge of the rexines by nylon threads.Different types of effects can also be done by the help of stitching through different types of machines,such as zig-zag stitching ,binding ,embroidary.Using bicolour thread can add extra value to the upper.

Poly Urethane footwear is the product of a chemical reaction between an engineered polyol resin-blend and a specific isocyanate (prepolymer).In the case of micro-cellular structures, a blowing agent is used for expansion.Besides a few additives can also be used to create a wide range of effects. By modifying formulations and processing these effects can also be created.

These unique properties give designers and manufacturers the freedom to create innovative designs that are in step with fashion and technological change. Polyurethanes can be made light, tough, comfortable, flexible, insulating, waterproof, slip-resistant, hard-wearing and shock absorbent as required, simply by varying the formulation. They can have an almost endless variety of shapes, surface textures and colors, and incorporate voids, inserts or dual-densities for extra comfort and support.Using polyurethanes, the manufacturer is well placed to address special needs, such as anti-static properties, improved abrasion resistance, low-temperature flexibility and resistance to hydrolysis, microbial action and ultra violet yellowing.Polyurethanes are either polyester or polyether-based, depending on the physical and mechanical properties required, and can be either injection or pour-molded.Here we do the production through pouring process.