PU Tyres, Wheels, Center & Foam Parts

Krypton Industries has been manufacturing various OEM components and spare parts for the Rehab are,Industrial segment and bicycle industry.

Our product range is PU Tyres,PU Inserts,Foam Filled Tyres,PU and Plastic Parts,PU Molded and Die Cast Rims,various Wheels and Castor Assemblies.

Salient features of Solid PU Tubeless Tyres

  1. 100% Puncture Proof
  2. Life Span 2 to 3 times longer than normal tyres
  3. Available in multi colors(Black,Red,Blue,Green & Grey)
  4. Light Weight
  5. Easy to Fit on Regular Rims with a Tyre Lever
  6. Customised sizes and shapes can be made-to-order on bulk basis.